How Ambassadors Boost your Wellness Program

If you read the last blog post, we listed five items that would encourage/boost participation in your company’s injury prevention program or wellness program. The last item listed, “Use Ambassadors,” was briefly explained. This may have left you wondering what an exactly an ambassador is and what are they supposed to do? In this article, we will discuss what role ambassadors can play in your program in full detail.

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is someone that is selected to serve as the face of your program and that embodies the character, habits, and leadership skills to serve as a positive role-model. They are typically well respected within their social group, are involved with specific target audiences, influence those in their particular social group, are actively involved on social media networks and are loyal to the cause they are representing.

Ambassador Facts

  • The everyday employee or individual is 2x more trusted than a company’s CEO –Edelman’s Annual Trust Barometer Study
  • Ambassadors humanize your cause: real people sharing real experiences.
  • Ambassadors help increase your social reach: promoting via facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Ambassadors provide positive word-of-mouth
  • Ambassadors help increase awareness of your brand in regions you are not present in: “boots on the ground” at events and on social networks

Who uses Ambassadors?

Ambassadors are utilized by various organizations and to market an initiative or an idea internally or externally. Tech companies, healthcare entities and even city governments are now capitalizing on initiating ambassador programs. 

How can Ambassadors Boost my Injury Prevention Program?

The central goal of a wellness/injury prevention program is to obviously, improve health and prevent injuries.  So how does utilizing program ambassadors help to promote wellness?  In order to achieve the overall goal of the program, participants must undergo a lifestyle change.  For a program to be most effective, those involved need to incorporate healthy movement as a regular part of their everyday life. Incorporating healthy movement includes activities such as going for a walk after work with one’s family or taking 5 minutes after lunch to participate in a self-care movement routine.  However, people are unlikely to make these lifestyle changes anything beyond a new year’s resolution cut short without the encouragement, support, and example of others in the program.  When a person is feeling lazy after lunch, and they see their coworker in the cubicle next to them performing a myofascial release routine, that motivates them to do the same.  Or, when this same person sees coworker on social media training to complete their first 5k, that is a motivator! Ambassadors can be utilized to lead pre-work movement routines, participate as leaders at annual health-fairs and be highlighted via company newsletters and/or website.  Ambassadors are the “example setters” that empower others to make long-lasting changes to their musculoskeletal health. They are passionate about wellness and enjoy leading their coworkers. 

Peer-to-peer leadership is, in our experience, one of the most effective ways to promote an initiative and encourage behavior change.  Additionally, incorporating ambassadors is a fun and exciting program that your company will “rally” around. 

If you would like more information regarding ambassadors or if you would like to discuss how we utilize them, please connect with me by your favorite platform below.  I would love to start a conversation!

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