MUUV Well: An Injury Prevention Program

Spoiler alert:  we are going to talk about ourselves in this post.  We are not trying to brag, or be too “salesy,” we just want to introduce this awesome program to you!  We are very excited about what we are doing to create healthy workforces and eliminate musculoskeletal injuries in a unique and personalized approach. If I haven’t scared you off yet, I would encourage you to keep reading because I believe there is valuable information in this post that you can utilize with your company, even if you do not choose us as a strategic partner.

First, let’s clear some things up:

How do you Pronounce MUUV and what does it Stand for?

MUUV (pronounced “move”) stands for: Motion Uninhibited, Unified and Vibrant.

That’s Cool, but what does that Mean?

I am not trying to insult your intelligence, but for me, a dictionary definition always makes things clearer:

  • Motion: the action or process of moving or of changing place or position; movement
  • Uninhibited: not inhibited or restricted
  • Unified: to make or become a single unit; unite
  • Vibrant: vigorous; energetic; vital

Simply put: We are dedicated to helping individuals lead healthy, productive and enjoyable lives by enabling them to move their bodies without pain or restriction in a cohesive manner with excitement and energy! If individual members of a team (workforce) undergo this transformation, the overall results for the team will be enormous! A workforce put into motion, will stay in motion!

This all Sounds Inspiring, but how does it Work?

We focus on teaching people the joy of movement through a dynamic and structured approach that is purposeful, and data driven. We utilize technology to deliver targeted interventions specific to each individual.  We design daily movement routines to be performed as a group that are specific to the physical demands of work. Personalized self-care routines are also made available through our MUUV Well platform that can be performed individually during break periods or at home. Additionally, sessions with an Injury Prevention Specialist can be scheduled from the convenience of the phone and are remotely performed through the secure MUUV Well platform. Data is collected and monitored to initiate targeted ergonomic assessments that provide rapid, cost effective solutions to high risk areas.  The elements, combined, form an injury prevention program that is effective, impactful and sustainable.

If you are wondering how to implement such a program, we would love to talk you.  If you are wanting to do more research on programs such as this, I would suggest reading my post “Elements of an Effective Injury Prevention Program.”

If I can be of any assistance to you or if you have any questions, please connect with me by your favorite platform below.  I would love to start a conversation!



Kevin is the Executive Director of HealthWorks Kinesiology and is a Certified Industrial Ergonomic Evaluator (CIEE), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and a Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT).  Kevin holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion from Louisiana Tech University.

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