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MUUV Well. An Injury Prevention System by HealthWorks Kinesiology

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Teaching People Healthy Movement to Reduce Work Related Injuries and Live Better Lives

Easy to implement solutions that are appropriate for all occupations. This is how it works:

Worksite Analysis

Work is analyzed by specialist and customized program is created.


Education campaign occurs to prepare employees for participation.


Program is implemented and managed by MUUV Well staff.


Injury Prevention sessions, daily movement routines & ergonomics.

Reducing Work-Related Injuries and Creating a Healthier, Inspired Workforce

This is what We do:

We teach people the joy of movement through a dynamic and structured approach that is purposeful, and data driven. We utilize technology to deliver targeted interventions specific to each individual. Our program is “high-touch,”: private one-on-one sessions with injury prevention specialists that are initiated from the convenience of a mobile device.  We connect with members on a personal level through purpose-driven outreach that is designed to modify behaviors.  Injury data is collected and monitored to initiate targeted ergonomic assessments that provide rapid,cost effective solutions to high risk areas. 

See how implementing MUUV Well can reduce work related injuries and save your company money!

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We Develop Community

MUUV Well is more than just a program, it is a community that supports its members and celebrates their achievements. This is how we create forward motion:
  • Group Activities
  • "Together" Challenge
  • "SMART" Goal Setting
  • Weekly Videos
  • Internal Ambassadors
  • Achievement Highlights
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MUUV Well Ambassadors

Regular people, with regular jobs, making movement a part of their everyday life and inspiring co-workers.
Jim Winn, KY Home Brands

Jim resides in Leitchfield, KY with his wife Carla and three children Jude, Abel and Lucy.  Jim is Co-Founder of Kentucky Home Brands, a manufacturing, design and logistics company. Jim’s favorite way to MUUV is participating in outdoor activities such as running, kayaking, hiking and camping. 

Kevin Lashley, Firefighter

Kevin resides in Bowling Green, KY where he works as a Firefighter.  Prior to his career as a Firefighter, Lashley worked as a bricklayer for 12 years, and this work was the extent of his physical activity. But in February 2007, Lashley began running 1 mile per day for six weeks in an effort to lose weight. By October 2007, he completed his first 10 km race (6.2 miles) and by April 2008, Lashley bagged his first marathon. Since then, Kevin has continued to make movement a daily part of his life.  His favorite way to MUUV is running and playing golf. 

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