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December 27, 2023

Aligning with others

Being “well” is much more than participating in a regular diet and exercise routine (although it is an important component!).  In fact, there are eight “pillars” of wellness. It is essential to regularly assess yourself in each of the eight categories and make periodic adjustments to daily habits to ensure optimal wellness is achieved.  You will learn more about these components next month as we transition into the new year. For the month of December, we have been focusing on spiritual wellness (one of the eight pillars of wellness).  Today, we will look at the importance of aligning yourself with other individuals making spiritual wellness a priority in their life. 

Simply put, spiritual wellness is living a purpose driven life.  To truly live a purpose driven life, one’s purpose must be rooted in something lasting and meaningful.  This will serve as the compass when establishing personal values and navigating the various challenges life can present. Although your purpose should hold significant importance, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your purpose might vary from that of others. That is okay!

While your personal beliefs may differ from other individuals, there are typically commonalities that can unite us. The shared aspects concerning spiritual well-being include a commitment to leading a purposeful life by adhering to a set of enduring values.  Although spiritual wellness can be achieved in isolation, aligning yourself with a community that is dedicated to living a purpose driven lifestyle will provide support and encourage growth. For many individuals, such a community is found through various religious organizations, support groups and/or friends and family. 

Assess your own wellness

As you conclude this year and prepare for the new year, take time to assess your spiritual wellness and determine if you would like to make improvements.  If you would like to improve, evaluate your current community (or lack thereof) and ensure that it will enable you to grow spiritually. If you do not belong to a community of purpose driven individuals, intentionally seek one out. If you already belong to a community, be deliberate in your involvement and make participation with associated individuals a regular part of your routine. 

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