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Freedom Through Discipline

July 1, 2024

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”  – Jim Rohn

Discipline = Freedom

Your ability to be disciplined is ultimately what is going to give you the freedom to do (or be) what you want to do (or be). If you want financial freedom, you have to practice financial discipline. If you want freedom from the grips of social media, you have to be disciplined to mindfully put down your device, or set boundaries with your usage. The same applies to your health goals. If you want freedom in your health, for example, to see your cholesterol trend down, or your lean mass to trend up, that is going to come with discipline in your health habits.

Discipline = Less Decision Fatigue

There is also freedom in decreasing the mental fatigue of making countless decisions. By making a commitment, you take the guesswork out of “what?” “when?” “where” or “how?”. You no longer have to think about it, or ruminate over other possibilities. Instead, you can jump into action. You simply follow through with the plan to the best of your ability. Get it done, like brushing your teeth, because it’s a necessary part of your day. Each action you take in favor of that commitment, or discipline, no matter how small, gets you closer to the goal. Progress is progress, after all. 

Discipline = Reward

When committing to a new habit or routine, there will be initial discomfort. However, discipline is not punishment. It shouldn’t mean giving up things that are essential and kind for yourself, like sleep, time for rest and recovery, or connection with others. Discipline (or commitment) comes with reward, or a sense of working toward something positive (even when the work is tough). Being disciplined builds toughness and discipline – which means it gets easier to keep going. As you continue to commit and discipline your actions, over time, the habit becomes stronger. It gets easier to stay in your rhythm, or get back into rhythm again.  

Discipline = Unlocked Possibilities

Think about what you want to accomplish next in your world, whether it’s a career goal, relationship goal, or health goal. What kind of freedom would that give you? How can you lean into discipline to unlock that freedom?

In reading this article, if the word discipline throws you off, or brings up a negative association, switch it out for something else, like “commitment”. 


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