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Showing Worth at Work

June 10, 2024

Growing in your career might not necessarily mean a title change or promotion. It can come in many forms. As a company evolves and changes over time, the role you play at work will likely evolve as well. Employees who feel valued at work are often happier, more productive, and more engaged. So, how do you remain valued and essential in a changing workplace?

Show Your Worth

There are a few specific actions you might take to stand out to your leaders:

  • Volunteer for a new project or role, or take an initiative
  • Recognize and praise the successes of others
  • Offer to be the office expert in a certain area, or a mentor for others
  • Remain open to feedback
  • Be accountable for your actions

The above areas cover some broader categories. For example, showing integrity, and committed to the larger goals of your workplace. These actions of an “essential employee” demonstrate that you are open to growth, to developing new skills, and being part of a healthy team. These are vital in an evolving workplace.

A Stand Out Employee

There are a variety of actions you can take to demonstrate your value to your organization. We all have our own innate skills and abilities, along with the ability to hone new ones. If you find yourself admiring the career track of someone else, take a moment to reflect on what they offer a workplace. Or simply have a conversation with your leader, asking what would be most valuable right now? What does our team need most this year? It might take some ingenuity, or stepping out of your comfort zone a bit. Find a way to show your value. It can lead to opportunities to make your career more meaningful and rewarding.



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