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The Power of Accountability

March 18, 2024


Do you have a vision for your future self? A goal you want to achieve? Accountability may be the key to your success. Being accountable means you own your goal, saying “I am responsible for this, I will make it happen”. However, it’s not just a singular event, nor is it a completely individual effort. Accountability is also checking back in on your process and asking, “How am I progressing? Is it time to change strategies? Is there anything, or anyone, that can help make this easier? What different choices could I make moving forward?”. 

How to Leverage Accountability

In reality, change is hard. Setting a goal means we have some possibility down the road to work towards, while managing distractions, routines, and other tasks along the way. Accountability bridges the gap between what is possible (your dream or goal) and takes you into action (how you plan to get there). For example, let’s say you have a goal of drinking more water at work. 

Possibility – I will drink more water and be better hydrated. 

Actions – You buy a new cup to keep at work. You set up calendar reminders on your work computer that say “Drink”. You enlist a supportive co-worker to check in on your water intake at lunch time. 

You can see how the actions above establish clear, proactive steps, setting you up for success. Likewise, it takes some of the burden off of you alone, by using technology and your community to cheer you on. By creating these layers of accountability, you have a driving force to progress. 

Research shows that for weight loss, those who track their nutrition 4 days per week lose significantly more weight (almost twice as much!) than those who track 1 day per week or not at all. Tracking is one way to be accountable for the nutrition choices you make, while also taking a breath to reflect on the process. Do I feel good after this meal? I’m great at getting protein but how can I get more fiber? Why am I hungry everyday at 2:00 pm? With this awareness and mindful reflection, you are more likely to reach your goals and figure out what works best for you.

Accountability, Not Perfection

Accountability isn’t all-or-nothing. The all-or-nothing mindset can lead to negative self-talk, create blind spots where you are actually succeeding, and slowly corrode your motivation. Remember, accountability is acknowledging that “I am responsible for this, it’s important to me, and I will find a way to make it happen”  – which does not translate to “I will be perfect from now on”. It means you see an area where you can grow or develop new skills. If your current process doesn’t feel right, if you feel burned out or unsupported, how can you change strategies? Who or what can help to make it easier to grow? Without judgment, you, your Muuvwell coach, and other accountability partners will reflect along the way acknowledge and celebrate progress, brainstorm around what is or isn’t working for you, or put actions into place to support a quick recovery if you feel off track. 

Derek Parfit said “We neglect our future selves because of some sort of failure of belief or imagination”. 

Consider how those layers of accountability can nurture your belief, and help you to get creative when the path isn’t crystal clear. It pulls in your accountability tools and partners, so that you don’t have to walk the path alone or without support. Accountability drives progress. Where can you leverage the power of accountability? 

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