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You Can Do Hard Things

May 20, 2024

How do you achieve in your career? Reach your health goals? Build resilience? Overcome hardship? You have to do hard things. It doesn’t mean becoming Superman and doing the impossible. Rather, it means that you keep coming back to your task, day by day, you persevere, and change strategies when needed.

Rewire your Brain

When we do difficult things, our brains literally change shape. Neuroplasticity is the brains ability to change based on our experiences, efforts, and emotions. When we work hard or accomplish a challenging task, our brains rewire little by little. We teach our brain that effort is valuable, that we can learn new things, and that difficult things aren’t so scary. So know that when you feel hesitation before a difficult task, but lean in and get started anyway, you might be reshaping your brain to be more resilient and more confident.

A Growth Mindset

Are you an “all or nothing” thinker? This way of thinking comes with a sense of perfection and high expectations. It’s pass or fail. It’s win or lose. But often, it comes with big disappointments, beating ourselves up, and negative self-talk. It hinders progress. Leaning into a growth mindset can help us to adapt and persevere when faced with challenges. A growth mindset is the belief that our abilities can be developed through dedication, hard work, and reevaluating the strategy. When you are facing a difficult task, aim to catch your thoughts, and see if they sound like “all or nothing” thinking or a “growth mindset”.

All or Nothing Thinking Growth Mindset
I’m not good at this If I keep practicing it will get easier
This is too hard, it’s not worth it This is challenging, I’m learning and growing
I failed, so I give up I only fail if I stop trying


The journey from struggle to success plants a sense of achievement and reinforces our belief in our abilities. Each step we take is a testament to our resilience and determination. When you celebrate small wins along the way, it fosters that growth mindset, encouraging continuous learning (leaning into what works) and adaptation (changing strategies when things aren’t working). Doing hard things doesn’t mean you are born with a strong willpower or some special set of skills. It means you keep coming back to the task, learn from mistakes, and recognize progress along the way. It’s about finding value in the process, rather than the just the outcome. 

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